SSL-IBM Smarter Content Day 2015

SSL-IBM Smarter Content Day 2015

When: Sunday, 15th November, 2015
Duration: 8:30 AM – 2:00PM
Where: Hotel Crowne Plaza, Muscat, Oman

Mr. Osama M Henein, General Manager, SSL, in his keynote address spoke about how data is growing exponentially in organizations and the challenges they face in identifying and archiving meaningful information. He emphasized the importance of the information lifecycle governance, retaining information until the period required, organized disposal of information and records using the latest technologies available from SSL and IBM. He also spoke briefly on the need for increased information security in the age of mobility and securing information outside an organization’s network.


SSL unveiled the latest version of their Correspondence Management System (CMS), the leading CMS system in the market and the roadmap for compliance to NRAA guidelines. The event also showcased IBM Stored IQ and IBM Records Foundation.


Mr. Ashraf al Hosni, of Capital Market Authority, a customer of SSL’s CMS solution addressed the audience and said, “more and more organizations are turning towards optimizing content management and moving to a paperless environment. SSL has helped us stay ahead of the curve by providing a powerful platform for enterprise content management solution to serve our customers better, faster.”


Mr. Chintan Naik, Alliance Manager of Seclore showcased how their award-winning Digital Rights Management solution could help organizations in Oman improve information security. He said ”Once files are downloaded from IBM ECM, they can easily get into the hands of an unauthorized user. The Seclore IRM Connector for IBM ECM makes it easy for organizations to automatically add persistent, file-centric security to content that is downloaded from and shared during the collaboration processes.”


From powerful, high-value industry solutions, to the latest advances in core enterprise content technology, plus a peek at what is coming next, the participants also got the opportunity to network with industry peers, IBM experts and business partners. The event was a success and well attended with the leaders of business, technology and archiving present in large numbers.