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Al Moyaasser-Correspondence Management System

Correspondence Management

Office correspondence is crucial to day-to-day operations at any business or government entity. With the growth in communication the world is experiencing, that correspondence is often very difficult to register, track, and secure.



Al Moyasser from SSL allows users to send, receive, track and follow-up correspondences as easily as they do with email. And, because it is designed to follow a document through it’s entire workflow life-cycle, it’s easy to keep track of modified, transported, reviewed, or filed data. The built-in security also ensures that correspondences are available only to those users that have the rights to access them.

SSL’s Al Moyasser application is a web based correspondence management solution that runs on top of Enterprise Content Management platform (ECM). The Application is based on resilient architecture and designed to be agile, flexible, powerful, enduring and can be easily tailored to customer’s unique needs.

Over 25 government agencies and businesses in Oman trust Al Moyasser’s Correspondence Management System. The features of the system are:

  • Correspondence Scanning, archiving & viewing
  • Advanced Search
  • Ad-hoc Routing Tasks
  • Correspondence Follow-ups and Reminder
  • Rich Annotation Features
  • Correspondence Tasks Inbox
  • History & Audit Trail
  • Manage Complex Security Level/Permissions.
  • Linking Attachments and Related Correspondences
  • Viewing documents with different extensions
  • Report for user’s actions, actions on documents and tasks
  • Integration with Microsoft Exchange for email management
  • Comprehensive version control
  • Report on user’s actions, actions on documents and tasks
  • Multi-Lingual support